emoji is a system for ensuring programmers actually fucking support unicode

@iliana unicode legitimately says this in their documentation as i recall

@iliana @kibi I mean, it still gets fucked up on a regular basis.

The Unicode spec has so many spots where "we expect implementers to figure this out" that basically the rule is "If Microsoft did it, do that too because they battle-tested this harder than we can ever imagine."

@iliana @lanodan All I want is the B emoji. Screw Unicode, just going to make a compatible-with-ASCII char set that uses the unused space of ASCII to place my fav emojis.

Just kidding, I love ASCII and Unicode.

@iliana It's true.

💩 is basically the only reason I even tested if my software supports unicode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@iliana They’ll have to come up with something new to ensure we support IPv6...

(We don’t)

@iliana I told my husband his start-up's project wasn't legit until it supported emoji

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