against my better judgment, I'm installing windows on a device


apparently I've lost my magic touch for getting a bootable windows USB stick from the downloaded ISO so I'm burning it to a BD-R

@iliana If that works, that's something I'll need to keep in my back pocket if I get burnable BD-R...

@Whovian9369 seems to! since pretty much every blu-ray drive shows up as a bootable CD drive, just Real Big

@Whovian9369 also don't put the BD-R in your back pocket, it'll get scratched

@iliana Huh neat, thanks!

I'll do whatever I want with my BD-R *thank you VERY MUCH!*

@iliana I'm kind of sad that the rufus app that does it reliably is only available on windows (i think rufus currently adds a fat32 partition with ntfs driver + boot chainloader)

you used to be able to do it by copying the iso contents to a fat32 partition, but on current win10 isos there's a >4gb file :(

I forget what the official windows usb creator does, i think it might create a fat32 partition with boot files and an ntfs partition with everything else.

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