patreon + discord rant 

livid about how bad the patreon + discord integration is

upon each payment cycle, you get forcibly added to servers that you might have left!

patreon can't generate and send you an invite link, because you could share that with someone else.

patreon has no way to opt out of being added to a discord server. if you ask patreon about this, they suggest getting politely banned from the server you don't want to join

if discord let you disable the permission, it'd break the integration

I understand why both companies don't want to fix this given the resources they have

but... hear me out... what if they *worked together* on a solution to this issue?

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anyway now I'm doing a patreon audit to see if there's any servers I don't want to be force-joined to when I set up the integration

people are losing money because of patreon's bad policy

I *might* be able to do a custom pledge without a tier to avoid getting force-joined to servers, because the benefit is tied to specific tiers

means I don't get any benefits though

discord still has too much whimsy for my tastes even after oppressing the gamers

holy FUCK I am being force-joined to servers that *weren't listed* on membership benefits pages okay

@iliana yeah

there are several patreons i want to be on but explicitly do not want to be in the discord for ever

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