can confirm, github has made the mistake of giving me a new component of my profile page to customize

github uses a comment in the default generated to suggest you could put your pronouns here

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good news, images work (add the image in an issue draft or whatever, then copy/paste the markdown)

time to go find some geocities-era stuff

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but actually though what should I do with this arbitrary markdown box on my profile

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(please don't harass the user who did this, btw. shouldn't have to say this but, well, I also shouldn't have to say that sometimes I make jokes on the internet and people don't have to "fix" them)

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a joke? on the professional github website dot gov? how DARE you

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github support replied to my feedback, saying:

"That is... quite the drive-by PR."

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quine and I were continuing to discuss this and they pointed out to me that there are likely users on github who are younger than my github account is

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@iliana serious coders must be stern and NEVER laugh. I was taught this by my father

@callie @iliana I refuse on general principles to not add smartass remarks to commit messages and stuff.

@callie @iliana

Starting with the repository name. What good is a repo if its name isn't a pun?

Kink, lewd, shitpost, derailing 

@iliana I can't believe someone would open an issue against your personal readme???

@hope @iliana

who is this person and how in the world do they have the time, in twenty twenty, to worry about this

@iliana I just want to day that your ongoing bizarre love/hate/hack experiences with Github bring me so much joy

@iliana feels like it ought not to be possible to fork a profile repo?

@Eden yep, already sent github feedback on that

(along with the lovely screenshot)

@iliana how do they even find your repo to complain on???

@iliana wow

I guess I should just delete all my repos then since I'm clearly doing it wrong by having fun

@iliana I love how they logged in 2 years after their last commit to file this bug report as well

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