hi everyone please look at this real website for a seattle pizza place we ordered from last night

cw *lots* of animated gifs

my legitimately favorite part of this is it was created *by a real design firm* in 2016

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I'm just glad to know that in 2016 (and likely 2020) you can go up to a website design firm and say "make this like a geocities website"

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@iliana I'm not saying this is *peak* Seattle, but I'm not saying it's not.

@iliana iliana my favorite thing about the Dino’s Tomato Pie website is

it is responsive

@silby @iliana Seconded. Loaded in basically 5 seconds and scrolled pretty smoothly -- in Firefox Mobile on our Android device with 1GB of RAM.

You know, the browser that's notorious for hogging RAM being used on an extremely low-RAM device barely capable of keeping one app running at a time, let alone running it smoothly.

And the site loaded fast and ran smoothly.

@iliana i'm a bit worried about what might happen if i click the link to download netscape 4 at the bottom

@iliana i am slain already by the phrasing/arrangement of

welcome to
website online

but then absolutely everything else happens

@iliana do you think on the testing server it says

welcome to
website offline

@iliana Not only does it look good and work well, but it gets a solid 97 rating on PageSpeed

@iliana i want to redesign my website because it's garbage compared to this

@iliana my website is shit because it isn't designed like this

@iliana I think I recognise that background gif with the twinkly stars... That looks painfully like the place we get pizza from in the nearby town!


@iliana my brain tried to turn the url into some kind of marine creature, dino-stomato-pie

amazing copy 

@iliana my favorite part is either the ceiling fan & its alt text, or the fact the alt text for the windows media player image is "Windows Motherfucking Media Player"


Good news: the Netscape zip they're hosting actually works
Bad news: You can't load their website in it

@iliana this loads too smooth to be anything but pretending to be from the 90s

omfg i unironically love this

@iliana what an amazing website. I remember those times lol

@iliana I hope this pizza was as good as the A E S T H E T I C

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