damn if only we got exactly four more proposals in sections prior to "flags" this year

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sitting here trying to figure out what name to bronze-level sponsor the trans flag character under, this is so difficult

the (likely) irony of me wanting to change it later...

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I think I'm just going to put in "iliana (she/her, ili.fyi)"

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@c0debabe @iliana unicode flags are just combined unicode characters

@Violet @c0debabe the rainbow flag is a valid character to sponsor

technically unicode 13.0 isn't released; emoji gets announced ~6 weeks ahead because it's so high-visibility and vendors need the extra time to support it properly

@c0debabe @iliana at least such characters are distinguishable on older systems that support the individual emojis

@iliana Gotta wait for the official Unicode release, I assume?

@iliana hi my name is Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Ben)

@iliana im looking at the bizarre code.. is there now encoding for every possible banded banner .....

@piggo it's white flag (which was a pre-emoji character, so it gets the FE0F code to say "yes this is an emoji") ZWJ'd with the trans symbol (same FE0F reason)

@iliana oh my god officially for real??????
No more bs "we can't have an emoji for every group"??????
Fuck yes fuck yes!!!

@iliana One of the debatably good things about this is that posting a status like this makes it easy to find bigots to block! :blobfoxupsidedown:

:heart_pride: SOLIDARITY :heart_trans:

@iliana Good to know! When do we get to take advantage of emoji 13.0?

@limedog "The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October — some platforms may release them earlier." blog.unicode.org/2020/01/unico

@iliana Why not an arbitrary-color-pattern flag tho, followed by a series of color hex codes?

@iliana TERFs are now officially one of the groups who can be trolled with emoji :trans_heart: just like flat earthers 🌍🌏🌎

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