my wife is making a brief stop on her way somewhere else to come crimp me one (1) ethernet cable

my other wife, mesmerized by the fact that I have a box of cat5e cable, is now attempting to crimp an out-of-spec two-inch cable

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@iliana It will come in handy when you’ll need a one inch cable.

@iliana two ethernet enabled devices, sitting 0 inches apart, because they’re gay

@iliana She can go shorter. There's room between the end of the clip lever and the end of the end of the connector bit that you can probably cut through quite easily.

@iliana I'm intrigued, mortified and angered at the same time by this. Thanks. :psyduck:

@iliana This reminds me of this eBay listing for a "CPS2 kick harness (very short)" that was up for YEARS. It was the connector and maybe 2cm of cut-off wire connected to it.

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