fucking around with iOS accessibility features and realizing it's helpful to me

I've already been using reduce motion / reduce transparency for years, but

assistivetouch is very cool??

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it has a "reboot" button that just has a dialog box to reboot, no holding down a button and swiping and then turning it back on.

it has "scroll to top" and "scroll to bottom"; the former is possible by tapping the clock (at least on the iphone 8??) but breaks when you're in a call or have a device tethering internet, I'm not aware of a way to do the latter

it has a control center button which is great because I find it very difficult to open when a keyboard is open

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and the screenshot button helpfully hides the assistivetouch menu and icon before taking the screenshot (which is fine 99% of the time and not fine in the 1% of time you want to take a screenshot of the assistivetouch menu but I get it)

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also like I will still always thank apple for normalizing "reduce motion" enough to get it into CSS media queries


it recently landed in chrome and firefox and it's been one of the best "hidden" features for me personally

a couple weeks ago I asked the corporate brand team to sprinkle some prefers-reduced-motion in their CSS and they deployed it live 16 hours later and asked for my feedback. I was so incredibly happy.

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