What a fiasco: 1.8 billion "touch on"/"touch off" public transport card events were released to participants of a Datathon conference. Unsurprisingly, de-anonymizing someone's complete travel history proves to be trivial. (


RT 🔒: the Myki system is run by Vix Technology, the same company that we contract ORCA out to. ORCA has all of this same data, going back to 2009 when it was first introduced (

also here's a reminder that you don't *have* to tap off on link light rail if you don't want your disembarking station logged 😘

(if you're trying to tap on and you hear two beeps, tap again)

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@iliana This is probably bad advice, b/c it could result in anyone without a pass getting charged the max for a short trip, and I'm told the same applies to my employer-sponsored pass on the backend even tho it's not an epurse.

@silby I was trying to come up with a good way to word this and just dropped it because aaaaaa

but in my case 1) fuck amazon lol and 2) on the other cards I manage I tell folks to do this anyway because I'll eat the extra 75 cents for less permanently recorded data

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