please donate to my kickstarter campaign to buy from centurylink

the activation energy for this is pretty high so if someone wants to reach out to centurylink on wobscale's behalf let me know and I will consider authorizing it

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also this would probably be unreasonably difficult since it looks like centurylink has customers on this network, based on (see the RDNS entries for 184-190)

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@wxcafe @KitRedgrave @ky0ko that'd be one hell of a kickstarter reward

"exclusive control over an invalid IP of your choice"

@iliana @wxcafe @KitRedgrave @ky0ko this made me laugh out loud in the middle of a gaming session

@iliana i would offer if i could find the information on how to do this, but i currently cannot seem to find it

@morae I think these are people just typing into their A records (there isn't actually anything at that address best I can tell)

@iliana i find it hard to believe that the registrant of "" would get up to such base chicanery

@iliana would be happy to reach out to centurylink on wobscale's behalf if wobscale accepts the terms of this Toot Of Understanding outlining the fact that I want a perpetual license to use .77/32 of the acquired network. The terms of this Toot Of Understanding are valid through the end of August 2019 and can be accepted by a duly authorized representative of wobscale by smashing that favstar. ⬇️

@djsundog I'd probably want to do anycast with this network in the future which could complicate matters

@djsundog like we could replay the packets over a VPN or something between our anycast routers but. definitely complicating matters

@iliana eh, I'll toss em an inquiry anyways, it's not like I actually have a use for that address in mind,

@djsundog enjoy trying to figure out who the hell you email about this

@iliana apparently , who now has a new email awaiting them.

@iliana I hope they convene multiple meetings trying to decide how to process this request.

@iliana no meetings were convened. Would you be interested in centurylink business services?

Greetings, Centurylink is not interested in selling our IP blocks. If your client has an internet service from us, then we can Reallocate-swip the block to them, whereby they will need to Reassign-swip the block to their future end-customer. Does your client have an internet service from Centurylink?


CTL IP Admin

@djsundog respond with "[slides a five canadian dollar bill across the table]"

@djsundog don't actually do this, unless you really want to

@iliana @rey I'll stick to #IPv6 where I can have ::69, ::420, or any combination thereof in every imaginable network :)

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