caller ID spoofers seem to be getting worse at this

+800 isn't even a valid dialing code

my other favorite is when they think they need to add the 1 but something else is adding it for them, and my phone displays it as +1 (1) (785)

actually why the fuck is verizon even letting these through to my phone, they're clearly invalid

@iliana probably they use invalid numbers internally and so have no way of checking whether it’s a “valid use of invalid number” or an “invalid use of an invalid number” :/

@iliana i'm pretty sure validating phone numbers when considering all traffic that goes through it and not just real people is impossible

@iliana the most clever is when they match your first few digits. I bet a lot of people answer those "local" calls

@sara mmhmm

I got a couple calls once from a "local" number that was actually a human and left a voicemail, because "I" called them

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