by popular demand, here's the final draft of the Queer Villain Pride flag I did yesterday, along with a link to a hi-res version here:

again: pink for passion, orange for community, green for knowledge, purple for queer history, and black for evil, pure EVIL. feel free to use this for whatever. mwa ha ha ha haaa, etc

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace this is fucking cool and I'd be happy to handle printing and distributing stickers for free (I do this already for a few things at

@iliana @BestGirlGrace :0 sure! let me know if the hi-res file link doesn't work for you or turns out blurry/grainy/artifacted/whatever, I can send you a tweaked and resized PDF instead

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace PDF is best if it's vector art, otherwise I'll just trace it. I'll end up doing the CMYK conversions myself unless you've got print colors in mind already

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