decontextualized AWS documentation diagrams, #1:


The description of the diagram makes as much sense as the diagram itself. 🤔

@iliana I work with AWS every day. I know this is somehow related to S3. I have read pretty much all of the S3 docs. I have no clue what the hell this diagram is trying to convey.

@iliana I don't think I've read *all* of those, but not far off. Still clueless.

(Yes it was a hell of a learning curve when I started at my current company)

@iliana Bacon goes into bucket. Bucket overflows with bacon. Bacon grease trickles out of spout in bottom of bucket to make room for more bacon?

@iliana gah, I'm pretty sure I know which docs this is from. I dunno if that's a good thing or not.

@iliana ok I'll try to decipher
"your data provided to your™ [random aws product] is available to you at a low/freemium rate determined by your pricing tier. Data received above your maximum rate is stored in your™ very own AWS Leakey Bucket™ and won't move you to a higher pricing tier. Data received above the maximum storage limit of your ™ AWS Leaky Bucket™ will be silently dripped as soon as it hits our servers pay for a bigger Bucket™ or pipe this shit to Lambda or smth nerd god."

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