general outline of things I want to talk about

* typefaces were expensive then, they're expensive now, and corporate fonts always reflect that a corporation has too much money
* the recent trend of corporate typefaces starts in device development more than it does brand
* corporations commission typefaces because US courts decided fonts are software and thus enter the realm of hellish software licensing
* netflix survived for how many years without a custom typeface?
* why the fuck does airbnb have a font

also I need to figure out how to add references to this without making it look like fucking wikipedia

@iliana I like authoryear style citations but that's probably the hopeless academic in me speaking

@lm maybe!

I was thinking about cramming citations into the margin for each paragraph (especially since I usually write small paragraphs) so authoryear might work really well

@iliana I was thinking about margin citations for a project I'm working on but I think they won't be friendly with mobile screens 😔

@lm for mobile I was just going to put them at the end of the paragraph in small text

every little element for this article runs through a “how do I pull this off on mobile” check ^_^

@iliana Would the typeface that Ubuntu uses for its logo count under this?

@not_on_pizza it's one of the first of the modern era, and comes at a time when canonical wanted to move into mobile operating systems. part of my thesis for this document is that fonts being controlled as software led to commissioning typefaces for UIs, which led to commissioning typefaces being ~trendy~ for big companies with too much money

@iliana not sure if this is a corporate typeface or a parody of corporate typefaces but there's Vulf Mono

@iliana ohhhhh snap I gotta riggidy read this

@dzuk I’m fairly certain it’s the longest surviving corporate typeface!

@wxcafe @dzuk how much did it change? I feel like a modified typeface is still the “same usage” (e.g. google roboto has changed a lot)

@wxcafe @dzuk when it was first converted to font software it became New Johnston I believe

I’m gonna assert some typeface of theseus bullshit

@iliana @dzuk I mean I think they should be considered different fonts and renamed when they get redesigned, but then we also call like 300 fonts "Garamond" so

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