[points at anamanaguchi] is this chiptune

[points at celeste soundtrack] is this chiptune

[points at steven universe] is this chiptune???

[points at music made on a DMG-01] is this chiptune??????

(fair warning if you answer any of these questions I'll probably block you)

@iliana oh

i missed this while writing my answer

should i delete it

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@iliana the definition i've seen tossed around is chiptune is anything that makes exclusive use of "primitive" sound chips that can't reproduce arbitrary waveforms (at least not without much difficulty or quality loss), with mastering being excluded since raw output from old chips can be real noisy and, bad

bitpop is music that uses them as a primary instrument, or that uses modern stuff that sounds similar to chiptune (like FL studio plugins)

it makes enough sense to me

@unascribed this sounds right

but at this point I'm just like. "does the artist call it chiptune y/n"

@iliana yeah it's almost never a useful distinction

i listen to chiptune and bitpop, i enjoy both, i don't distinguish between them. 🤷

@iliana was it made on a device with at least one microchip of some sort?

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