strongly considering getting 10 or so properly reflective “ENFORCED BY RADAR” signs to add to other signs around the city that definitely don’t need it

nobody has called me out on the fact that I-5 is a north-south highway yet

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OT, does your city really give out "Food Safety Rating EXCELLENT" signs?

I've seen "100" and "A", but never "EXCELLENT"

@codesections @iliana In the UK it's just out of 5. Is it letter grades for everything in the US?!


It's up to the city (or maybe state?) but I've definitely seen letter grades in some places. I think restaurants like it better than the 1­-­100 scale, because they can miss a few points and still be an A (though I guess that's true of 1­-5 too)

@iliana it's obviously not tho, as enforced by radar

are you even reading these?

@bonzoesc @iliana i'll just wait till he takes his glasses off so he doesn't hear me.

@iliana Up here in BC:



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