I've archived e98e. thanks for all the fun, and sorry for the disappointing news. <3

@iliana I'm only now learning that this existed, and it's brilliant.

I have only one thing to say to mourn its passing.


@iliana Okay but let's talk about this "increase contrast" button. I liked the theme already and then that click sent my heart a-flutter.

Glad the e98e project is getting saved for posterity. That's... not a lot, but it feels like enough, for now.

@falkreon the last thing I need to update that button to do is set a cookie to remember what mode you want, but I wouldn't be able to adjust it server side, so it might flicker on load. :(

@falkreon (but thank you, that message is very validating ^_^)

@iliana microsoft's just salty that edge wasn't the most popular repo (or even the most popular lowercase e) on github

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