@iliana wild guess, either 2.e "contains exploits" or 3.c "disrupt GitHub's servers"

@sonata almost certainly 3.c, almost certainly not 2.e

@sonata but damn I am going to fight them hard

nothing *I* or the e98e team did disrupted their servers

@iliana maybe it turned out to be someone's personal information


@iliana seems harsh considering some of the crap on GitHub tbh

@iliana actually fuck GitHub a second time tho this is kinda bullshit

@iliana hush-hush oulipo.social mission against dolphin.town, i think

@iliana dang it im mad. i was so proud of my stupid-ass gameboy "implementation"

@iliana when I tried to clone it over https yesterday, it kept asking me for username and password, so I guess this was coming

(I was able to fork it and clone the fork though, but the fork is gone now, too)
@iliana wtf, we don't even have any way to get a backup

they could have disabled access after fixing their shit

dangit, I was writing a compiler for a language made only of the letter e to contribute to this

now what do I do

@ky0ko I mean I think that's probably substantial enough to get its own repo

@iliana If anyone asks, I do have a copy of the repo before it went down
@succfemboi @iliana wait, how did you clone it? afaik there was something wrong with github's git endpoint that prevented that
@ninjawedding @iliana Idk, I just forked and cloned it locally as usual.
I also managed to commit and open a pull request without issues, but they rejected it
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