(this should make anybody who's ever used the NYC subway scream because there's no way any of these lines are even close to each other)

iliana is a fucking nerd 

the MTA is very inconsistent with the font they use on route bullets

it’s still “Standard Medium” (Akzidenz-Grotesk) in the route bullets on their printed subway map but I am pretty sure station signs these days are Helvetica

this shitpost is typeset in the former

anyway I’m considering turning this into an enamel pin design 🤔

@iliana I feel like I've seen a photograph of one of those signs spelling (B) (D) (S) (M) before though, isn't that a thing?

@diodelass they would be alphabetically sorted, sadly, so it's probably a doctored image

but funny nonetheless

@diodelass if it were to be anywhere, it'd probably be here along the sixth avenue line near the 42nd street shuttle:

@iliana I recall that the original post I saw this in captioned it "sorry I'm late, I got tied up on the subway"

@diodelass (slight correction — this sign was modified with a decal in the photo, but there was a time where an orange S route bullet was in use)

@diodelass yeah I think the photo is legit... nobody would doctor the small bubbles behind a vinyl sticker into it 😅

@iliana this is perfect you got the colours right!!

re: iliana is a fucking nerd 

@iliana you're a nerd and i love you

@iliana i would definitely give you money to send me one

or, i guess, give me one in person if you have a bunch of them

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