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(thx to @ek for screenshot and also terrible bezos box)

@iliana sev2 eve team
Job is impossible, need manager approval to give the fuck up

@iliana actually laughing out loud at how technically correct but useless this answer is

@iliana Oh no, I just looked at the map image it associated with that answer.
That heat scale...

@ek @iliana also maybe don't phrase it as "UN-recognized" if you're going to be in all caps

@ek @iliana also also what's up with the gray areas, i'm pretty sure they've got phones there

@hierarchon @ek @iliana Greenland at least isn't a country, I think it's part of Denmark. No idea why it isn't Denmark coloured, maybe it has its own phone code but the UN aren't having it?

@ek @iliana The all caps thing made me wonder why there were so many un-recognized countries 😐

@iliana yeah absolutely

that heatmap in particular is giving Terrible Maps a run for its money. I didn't think "surreal humorist" would be first on the "AI took my job" list but here we are

@iliana I once set a cloudwatch metric on "average http code" figuring we should worry if it gets above about 210.

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