posting this again on a not-dead account:

I want someone to start a community, cooperative wireless ISP in seattle.

I don't have the energy to do it myself. what I do have is lots of excess bandwidth.

wobscale will, at no charge, provide transit to a co-op with the purpose of providing residential internet access to underserved areas of seattle (those that do not currently have plentiful gigabit-to-the-home options).

I also, like, ran a WISP in a past life, so you can pick my brain about it too.

@iliana What neighborhood are you in, and do you have a good vantage of the surrounding community? Last time I attempted this, we had lots of interest, but few places that were high above the tree cover/average building height.

In Seattle, there is Centurylink Fiber in the majority of the less well off areas as the city mandated the order of construction. Getting gigabit for transport purposes in 70% of the city is cheap.

@mastodan wobscale is in the westin building exchange, 6th and virginia.

whoever ends up doing this would need to set up some solid backbone links to more visible / tall parts of the city, or try and get one of the newer 40-story buildings involved.

@iliana Mmm, I think we might be able to hit that from Skyline House over on the edge of Lower Queen Anne. They were interested in hosting a node on the roof last I talked with the building management.

IIRC, one issue that Matt of Seattle Wireless had a decade ago was related to the windows in the Westin, as the coating on them negatively affected the signal somewhat. Roof space is cost prohibitive on the Westin Building too iirc.


@mastodan I have a personal link right now from the westin building to my house in LQA (up the hill a small amount from metropolitan market), out a 30th floor window. the signal is definitely degraded somewhat, but I think the biggest limitation is the size of a window. larger dBi antennas just won't fit.

it's currently on ubiquiti airfiber 5X hardware. going to upgrade it sometime this month to the 5XHD and see if we get any sort of improvement from it.

@mastodan I think one of the most important things for this to be able to take off is just figuring out what the costs of all our options for getting bandwidth out of the westin building are.

@iliana A big part of that is making getting online as easy as possible. Something along the lines of "Buy a Litebeam AC, aim it at this building, plug it into your router & done!".

Wrt linking to the Westin, in areas further north where gig fiber is cheap & available, likely best to just use that as transport to reduce the hop count. With the Westin being <2ms, its not as though there is much of a latency penalty.

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