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@iliana Thank you for that, I hadn't heard of this. So, serious followup question; Are you opposed to the idea of gay bars/clubs, or would it be on a case-by-case basis depending on the implementation and intentions behind its existence?

@amongoose gay bars/clubs by gay people for gay people are great, it's part of our culture

companies that makes billions of dollars per year putting the rainbow flag in marketing is not great

@iliana Cool, we're on the same page then :) There's only one gay club that I know of in my city of over half a million people, and it's probably the best club in town! I'm not even gay, it's just a great atmosphere and lots of fun. They have dancers of both sexes and drag queens come out and parade around the dance floor. It's full of positive vibes

I can't stand it either

To play devil's advocate though it does seem to help drive the bigots away...