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if people mansplain to you or otherwise annoy you in your mentions because I boosted your toot, please let me know so I can block them. thanks! 💜

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I am going to commit jeff bezos’s full name (jeffery preston bezos) to memory so that in the off-chance opportunity I am ever in the same room as him I can call him by it and instantly be fired

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the new Apple Mechintosh.

It's Extremely Tall™

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I'm reading a page on the internal incident analysis tool titled "Decaf coffee brewed in a non-decaf pot"

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@iliana it also loads a google analytics script which is over 5x bigger than the page itself

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cultural differences~~~
nice paper, and open access too~

"Moving chairs in Starbucks: Observational studies find rice-wheat cultural differences in daily life in China"


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"not all pages need ssl"
then what is this???

at least the stairstep pixels are square from the scale up

I would have probably exploded if they weren't

and then I'll also need to add a 1/8" border around the entire image and extend the stairstep window border to the edge for the bleed area

tonight after work I am going to gently coax all the printable elements into the inner guides here (the safety area)

you can't cut back on
[image processing]
you will regret this

I like doing technical work with artwork

taking an image from 1994 and massaging it into something that will be okay to print on a sticker, pushing pixels until they are just so

I can't decide if I want to keep the white / dark gray 3D effect through the bleed or just make the sticker flat gray

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I actually won a mongoDB mug at a conference raffle once

I never used it because I didn't trust its durability

the most important thing about flirting with someone is also watching their mastodon and instantly faving their related posts as they come through

so are there rust evangelism strike force stickers anywhere yet

really tempted to start breaking in my new docs today

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