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today I bought server rails for my rack and bras for my other rack

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me: "do you think grub's config file language has a loop construct"
coworker: "that is the most iliana question you've ever asked"

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📌 I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice

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"what's your gender?"
"but what's in your pants"

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if people mansplain to you or otherwise annoy you in your mentions because I boosted your toot, please let me know so I can block them. thanks! 💜

got buildroot building an image, got it booting on the pi, verified the serial console works

and now, the hard part of actually doing something useful with it

my gender is "autoconf script that takes longer to run than the generated makefile does"

clap emoji, housing opinion 

(the cladded buildings won't burn because of the revolution, it'll just be because they're highly flammable)

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just found a condo listing that looks nice and modest, is reasonably affordable, and belongs to a building that looks like it'll be the second to be burned down in the revolution after the police precincts (and also cladded "luxury" apartment buildings)

this converter is lovely though because it has a keyboard tray that sits in front of the desk, so I can put my keyboard and trackball lower than my desk and actually have my chair at the right height

ili is learning to ergo

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love to wonder if I'm using a standing desk converter wrong because the lowest monitor mount is waaaaay too high up

vesa adapters ordered >_<

last time I lost it, it was on the windowsill near my bed, within a yard of my head every night for nearly a year, before I “found” it

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the blue painter’s tape has mysteriously disappeared again

current thoughts (kink, D/s) 

it's friday so I'm talking about the class character of different types of personal worth and what "millionaire" ought to be defined as in a work slack channel

as you do

mh + 

the trans legal experience (caps) 

spiders has revealed to me a problem with my absolute favorite look around you episode, "water":

it's *too* funny

there are no breaks in the humor

it's just joke, after joke, after joke, and this is a problem

actually fuck I think this sign might still be in service

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Have a sample meme from the 'witchy' section of our menu. 

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