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"what's your gender?"
"but what's in your pants"

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"is ilianaw about to start greenfield implementing another piece of internet infrastructure in rust" (@rrix) is probably the deepest cut anybody has ever said about me

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if people mansplain to you or otherwise annoy you in your mentions because I boosted your toot, please let me know so I can block them. thanks! 💜

the entire point of WSDOT’s campaign is to get people to use the tunnel and think it’s convenient before they start tolling it and that’s just incredibly gross and underhanded

the tunnel was anything but free and that sign is part of a $4.4 million ad campaign

WSDOT’s “tunnel for free” ads that they put *on* the 99 are just icing on the cake aren’t they

the always-distinctive noise of someone dropping a phone on the floor of a plane

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this airport TV’s closed captioning process got stuck and it’s looping the same text buffer over and over

I wonder what the longest AS route my router knows about is

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you’re a normal person, not working in construction, and you look up at a tower crane.

unless you completely change what you’re doing you will not operate a tower crane in your life. you probably don’t know the operator. it affects you anyway

the crane is brought to the work site piece by piece on a truck by a company you don’t know or care about

in this weird analogy my job is tying the crane parts down to the truck.

I’m doing *something* but it’s a stretch to see the big picture.

I think my work is about three levels away from users outside the tech industry and that feels weird

the more you click on this guy's website the darker the background gets

I'm getting a real temporal vibe here

the same artist dumped 50,000 pennies on a public corner in seattle. it stayed for two weeks and then someone took it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I still think a lot about this art

most of the watches are still running too, well beyond their expected lifespan

jeez somebody put a book of mormon along with the gideon bible in this hotel room

anyway I put my vibrator in that drawer

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