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"is ilianaw about to start greenfield implementing another piece of internet infrastructure in rust" (@rrix) is probably the deepest cut anybody has ever said about me

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if people mansplain to you or otherwise annoy you in your mentions because I boosted your toot, please let me know so I can block them. thanks! 💜

the deeper you nest results the more confused your code looks

let val = result????;

(before this gets to far: this is a shitpost and if you @ me with something serious I *will* block you)

A spectre is haunting the industry — the spectre of the GNU General Public License.

today might be a shuffle metric day at work

(yes that’s been the last month)

not entirely sure why this track makes me feel incredibly powerful while walking on my commute but it does

Metric - Dark Saturday - Art of Doubt

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tired: organizing local community ISPs because it's fun and you're a nerd
wired: organizing local community ISPs because it's fun and you're a socialist

fix your client so you don't @ me when you reply to something I boosted thanks

I spent so long trying to deny that I was trans so that I wouldn't have to deal with any of the consequences that would come with coming out that I just want to say now: being trans is great, I love it, and I wouldn't want to be any other way than I am now

(it's okay we went to bed really early so I still have a good amount of time before I go to work)

periodically quine and I will call on wire while we’re falling asleep

for the first time ever, it has stayed connected through the entire night, which apparently results in my alarm not going off

quine doesn’t want me to get a roomba for our new place because it will “nibble her toes”

story time with iliana (trans self-naming) Show more

story time with iliana (trans self-naming) Show more

one of the more fascinating things is how google uses its large cache of the internet (googlebot) to help diagnose certificate errors

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