trans ppl: im trans
society: ok
V lang: V lang functions are pure by default (except ones that do I/O)

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@iitalics also why did they have to pick v. I was destined to make V lang. Vlang should have been trans and properly designed (not that I have the skills to do that lol)

@vv @iitalics Could make Wlang, just say the W is Danish or Finnish where it's a double V, and since it's a double V it's twice the V and thus the lang must be better too

@vv @SigmaOne little known fact: if you simply make a Better language then the lesser known language with the same name can't do anything about it

@iitalics what the hell is v

And why do they not know the difference between c and c++ that's they're whole thing ah good, they've got the best feature from c++, one that has never been controversial or caused headaches. I'm referring of course to the well liked feature of operator overloading

@heartles @iitalics wouldn't it be epic and awesome if they weren't overloading anything and that was just the string concatenation operator

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