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there are more than two genders but im not high enough level to unlock them so i have to stick with the starter genders

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@iitalics try this: transition to female twice, then back to male twice, then alternate between both genders and neither gender two times each. at this point in time, you will have unlocked two xenogenders. try on the second one, and then the first one, then take a hit of hormones (any kind works)

that's a cheat code that'll unlock all the genders at once

@iitalics expert genders...hard mode genders...luigi....

@iitalics I haven't opened enough lootboxes to find any really good genders yet :x

@theotheroracle iirc she also has big stompy boots in the full pic which is extremely gender

@iitalics don't tell anyone but im not actually a high enough level for more than two genders, but i found an overflow bug that lets you write an arbitrary u8 to the gender field

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