working with foss shit is like

uh when you type the letter e into the search bar the entire thing crashes

"oh weird i didnt notice because i dont type the letter e. i just leave out vowels and it usually works fine."

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@iitalics everything fucking exploding when ur system language isnt set to en_US

@iitalics 40 replies, 10 of them insulting the author for wanting to use e, 10 asking if theres been any progress on adding e, 20 from stale bot closing and reopening the issue

(thread missing CW) proprietary vs open source; capitalism 

@iitalics @AgathaSorceress .hg working with proprietary shit is like

uh when you type the letter e into the search bar it sells your name and dossier to an undisclosed third party for 3Β’

also 1% of the time it crashes, but there's nothing anycreature can do about it because the company that made it sold out and it's not being maintained anymore

@iitalics sorry pal if the software breaks because of user input it's the user's fault for inputting wrong :akko_shrug:
(issue closed: works as intended)

@iitalics my experience with something similar to this was with the `2fa` program. It doesn’t have XDG support and there was a merge request that adds XDG support. The maintainer never merged the code. I had to fork it and add it myself.

@iitalics omitting *all* mid-syllabic sound symbols

implying fossbros can't so much as oulipo right :oh_no:

@iitalics though on the other hand, the same bug appears in the big commercial proprietary software and a year later when it comes up in conversation all the normies look at you weird like "what kind of fucked-up hacker shit is this to try to type an e into a search bar" :hot_shit:

@iitalics Just spell it 1337 πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

@iitalics "Please don't make this change. My workflow depends on being able to type 'e' to quick close."

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