apparently "y2k22" is a legitimate type of bug cropping up all over the place because... people are storing dates in yyMMddHHmm format... as 32 bit integers.

yep, software was a mistake. lets start over and try again, folks.

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on the plus side most of the affected software is proprietary microsoft or xilinx shitware as far as i can tell

also i was just yesterday complaining about integers! this is what im fucking talking about!!!

@iitalics ah yes

i love to store my dates as uhhhhh


not bcd, actual decimal digits

in a 32bit *signed* integer


at least with unsigned it would have survived until the 2040's

@iitalics I would've loved to have heard the arguments in that meeting. I can't think of a single thing good about that format. Not one.

@iitalics Its called telephone NUMBER for a reason !!!1!1!!!111!1!!

@iitalics owww that's just painful

especially because plenty of programming languages have builtin dedicated date/time types

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