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:blobcat_mlem: NEW PERSONAL RECORD :blobcat_mlem:

38.832 s
28 finesse errors
2.63 peices per second
3.35 key presses per piece

includes an epic perfect clear in the middle

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helpful bash one-liners for linux users here on cybre:

sed 's/[^ ]/:wide_\0: /g'

sed 's/[^ ]/:hacker_\0: /g'


Writing a Twitter xposter that just posts "x" to Twitter every time I post on the Fedi.

Staggering like a drunk from one work catastrophe to the next, knocking over chairs and shitting in the elevator

magic: the gathering

magic: the assembly

magic: the complete Ikea BRIMNES cabinet with doors


cute boys with sharp teeth
cute girls with sharp teeth
cute enbies with sharp teeth

extremely cold uspol military take 

puyo puyo body horror 

i've managed to get pretty far in this puyo puyo campaign even though i feel like i still barely know how to play this game

humans: i need to work weekends or my life will collapse
bears: time to nap for five to seven months

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All of your favorite disney classics? Meaningless to me

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