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new 40L sprint personal best: 37.233s

tried a new thing where i dont try to get tetrises ("quads") and prioritize flat stacking to minimize key presses. for instance, a lot of times the I piece can be dropped immediately where it spawns which is like 2 key presses and a DAS less than dropping it vertically in a right-well.

total # pieces: 102
pieces per second: 2.74
key presses per piece: 2.88 (my old record did 3.17 kpp)
finesse faults: 9

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helpful bash one-liners for linux users here on cybre:

sed 's/[^ ]/:wide_\0: /g'

sed 's/[^ ]/:hacker_\0: /g'

so! there's an open room in my apartment in Somerville MA available 9/1! rent is $950/month. the available bedroom has a parking space and a walk in closet! i like this apartment a lot, it's a nice place. it has its own free laundry, a good sized kitchen, and a dishwasher! a more official writeup with pictures and more details is in the link.

please boost this post, and message me if you have any interest in the room, thanks :blobcatheart: :boost_requested:

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The secret to making good supersaws is to use someone else's patch

Why Mastodon and the fediverse are β€œdoomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:

I can’t imagine any particular use for an operator β€œ&%”, HOWEVER, if it does find a use, I propose the name β€œampercent”

@esvrld when you see some new syntax you don't understand and don't care about,

you say, "This can already be done with monads."

and then the new syntax goes away

open rp: you’re cleaning out grandpa’s closet and find his extremely rare collection of vintage ahegao hoodies from the covid era

@iitalics If we're going by the hip factor I'll have to strike off harvard


sui adj (not me) 

roses are red
violets are blue
I'm disabling OCaml warning 42

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