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helpful bash one-liners for linux users here on cybre:

sed 's/[^ ]/:wide_\0: /g'

sed 's/[^ ]/:hacker_\0: /g'

it's so weird that classic tetris players mostly use letter names for pieces but then they say "square" and "long bar"

last monad thoughts before i pass out 

im pretty sure that if youre a working haskell programming, youre usually not going to be doing super exotic things with your monads. in fact youre probably not even going to be using the option or list monads (maybe for a bit of code golfing here and there).

many monads in haskell code are big monad transformer stacks, which really just means a thingy that lists which side effects are allowed to be performed by functions that wrap their return value around the monad. so youre not thinking about category theory stuff and composition operators youre really just thinking about side effects and how you want to tame them.

i think category theory is mostly useless academic stuff but actually co-algebras are my jam, love those things

oh so a comonad is like a burrito but the meat is on the outside and the tortilla is on the inside

dont' ask me what a comonad is, i dont know, actually i refuse to know.

"its the dual of a monad. you reverse the arrows" sure thing buddy whatever

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15 years from now medium articles will be trying to explain comonads

If you're an educator and you feel the need to use digital "proctoring" spyware, consider why your class makes people want to cheat.

if youre coming from javascript, which has no static type system, or go, which has no generics in its type system, its nearly impossible to answer what a monad is in those contexts

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perhaps the biggest impediment to learning what a monad is, is that "a monad" isnt a thing you can point to at runtime, its a type-level thing. [1,2,3] is not a monad, "List[Int]" is not even a monad, "List" is a monad

If you want βˆƒ to mean existence, then ∨ must indicate a decision, hence LEM cannot hold. If you want LEM to hold, then ∨ need not be decision, but you cannot have that βˆƒ means existence

Square rootin, square tootin, and by golly, square shootin....

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