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hm. updating my 40L sprint record on here:

37.359 s
12 finesse errors
2.7 pieces per second
3.2 key presses per piece


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helpful bash one-liners for linux users here on cybre:

sed 's/[^ ]/:wide_\0: /g'

sed 's/[^ ]/:hacker_\0: /g'

tetris meta 

the video game industry is tacitly built on free labor, it is basically impossible to get hired without doing an enormous amount of self study and portfolio building. (i remember a programmer hiring test for one company involving building an entire test game without a pre built engine. unpaid of course!) this of course excludes anyone who isnt privileged enough to train themselves for hundreds of hours without making money

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cursed apparel 


i think i will actually donate somewhere today or maybe tomorrow morning

What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said:
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \documentclass

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