I just read SQLite's new code of conduct sqlite.org/codeofconduct.html

Can't wait to make my first pull request and it gets held up while the code reviewer attempts to verify whether I "denied myself in order to follow Christ" (point 10) and whether I am "a stranger to the world's ways" (point 20)

This seems like some very next-level trolling

@ibagail @machado LOL.

To be charitable, maybe what they mean is "Just try to be a good person and don't rules-lawyer it".

There's something to be said for that attitude. But they sure picked a weird way to express it.

I don't think they actually want to forbid non-Christians from contributing code, but that's the literal reading of what they said.

@nindokag yeah i looked it up and like it seems to be serious? the guy just happens to be a Christian, so he decided his project should fully reflect that. ...I can't imagine why it has to be the ENTIRE THING

Didn't someone on this instance make a joke about developers adopting monasticism as an alternative to the Pence rule?

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