And the other day I ordered a Ducky One 2. without realizing that it needed a USB C on my computer. Sure I can buy a USB C -> USB 3.0 converter.

Thanks(?) to @hund I got interested in keyboards. From always got the cheapest one available when the old one broke down from hammering or unable to clean without breaking.

I am looking for a digital #artist to commision for three assets for the mastodon client @Tusky: A generic "elephant friend", an image for the error view (maybe a sad elephant?) and an image for the empty view (maybe a sleeping elephant?). Must look good on dark and light background and fit well with material design. Artist must be ok with the assets being published under an open source license. Vector assets preferred. Commission will of course be payed.
Pls boost!

Richard Stallman refused to be a guest at the netcast
Late Night Linux because they don't want to call it the "Late Night GNU/Linux".

Replacing LastPass and Authy with bitwarden. It's so rewarding, love to have 2fa and passwords in the same open source app!

I just registered a new domain name with iwantmyname! Check if yours is still available here:

I'm trying to get this script to work out. But it doesn't. Anyone know Luke Smith?

Used #fdroid now for a month. Security, Privacy and Openess aside; there a some really fine, complete and lightweight apps!
#NewPipe #AntennaPod and the #Documentviewer - I don't wanna miss them!

What kind of image service to share pictures, do people use nowadays, Flickr, 500px, Instagram, other?

I am somewhere over Germany in a Norwegian airplane. This is wicked with wifi on airplanes.

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