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Richard Stallman refused to be a guest at the netcast
Late Night Linux because they don't want to call it the "Late Night GNU/Linux".

Bitwarden vs. Lastpass & Authy...

Replacing LastPass and Authy with bitwarden. It's so rewarding, love to have 2fa and passwords in the same open source app!

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I just registered a new domain name with iwantmyname! Check if yours is still available here:

I'm trying to get this script to work out. But it doesn't. Anyone know Luke Smith?

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Used #fdroid now for a month. Security, Privacy and Openess aside; there a some really fine, complete and lightweight apps!
#NewPipe #AntennaPod and the #Documentviewer - I don't wanna miss them!

@hund Har du parkerat på linuxrocks eller?

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What's up with Mastodon and cat pics?

Det är kanske här jag ska pröva? Jabber?

What kind of image service to share pictures, do people use nowadays, Flickr, 500px, Instagram, other?

I am somewhere over Germany in a Norwegian airplane. This is wicked with wifi on airplanes.

@hund hur många konton har du nu? :)

What search engine do you use? Google, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, other?