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Alrighty I guess time to find the brake fluid leak on the box.

I cna't wait till may when I get a computer implanted in my leg and other upgrades!

Apparently parking in the industrial section of town makes me wake up on blue collar time. Now I just need to find work.


Drunk AF but still have enough sense to not make a tinder; people overwhelmingly still seem like garbage :blobpensive:

Sads, feelings, ethanol 

Depressed and lonely enough to *almost* get a tinder or okstupid or whatever all y'all use now. Maybe after another shot or 2...

I need an animal to keep me warm at night. :dragnsob: :janiawoo:

Skin, pg-13 

I'd share a sleepytime selfie from now but I *really* need to shave soooo here's one from a few weeks ago.

Got some decoration on the Box! More to come as I scavenge trash :blob_raccoon_pat:

New to tooting, using tusky. Does "local" mean all of Not sure the difference between home and local. :blobcatthinking:

So do all the Android clients suck? Mastalab constantly crashes, and Cosain won't even let me log on. What do you all use?

Anyone know a way to ride those obnouxious Bird scooters for free?

Anyone know a way to ride those obnouxious Bird scooters for free?

Good news everyone!

New here. And apparentl?y trying to attach a picture crashes mastalab >_<


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