I'm a white decendant of colonialists living on stolen Tongva land.

I see ya'll getting harassed on here so I am ready to help collect my settler kin. My DMs are open if you need help telling white people to sit down and shut the fuck up.

And please please please call me out on my white bullshit when you see it. I know I have a lot to decolonize still and I'm willing to do that hard work.

Boosts welcome

@paladin1 @qwazix one unlock my mobile and shares my contact info, the other one I don't have a use for yet hah.

Some friends finally made a patreon for a project I'm involved with! Check it out!

@paladin1 @qwazix I have one (okay 2) but not under any tattoos. Dangerousthings.com should have them! Lemme know if you have any questions...

alcohol, health stuff 

@ebeth your future self thanks you!

Hylyx relayed

seattle creep alert (cw assault, alcohol) 

don't get in a car with this man! i was falling down drunk last night and he followed me inside and tried to kiss me, wouldn't leave until i showed him my pepper spray and made clear i was willing to use it

Eating, mental health, ethanol 

Still too depressed to eat but apparently not too depressed to have a hot toddy and a few shots of bourbon. Feeling utterly hopeless.

Mental health, eating 

Woooo too depressed to eat today. Tea counts as nourishment right?:blob_gnikniht: :cry:

Fell asleep at 0100 , woke up suddenly vt 0500 annnnd can't fall back asleep. What the heck, brain.

@vantablack check out The Goddamn Gallows and also Those Poor Bastards!

@vantablack I'm contemplating rope, but can't tie knots that great

@Canageek yaaaaay food! And yah sometimes life feels like the tunnel in Willy Wonka and ya just gotta accept that feeling of humility and stay low and on your feet. In that time do whatever makes *you* happy cuz fuck it! :black_sparkles_outline: :blobcatfingerguns: :pentacle:

@Canageek hmm I don't know your situation but let me know if ya need an ear!

@Canageek corollary: if a partner asks you to keep something a secret from your other partners I consider that a big red flag. (except like personal stuff) if that makes any sense?

@Canageek communication is literally the most important thing. Even if something seems "obvious" just put it in words and ensure everyone knows all that's happening.

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