I'm thinking of implanting an rfid chip with my contact information under my tattoo, if I can find a place that does that. What do you think? Cyberpunk enough?


@paladin1 @qwazix I have one (okay 2) but not under any tattoos. Dangerousthings.com should have them! Lemme know if you have any questions...

@hylyx I knew this was the right place to post this 😄. Is it something you can do yourself or is it usually something you get at a piercing place? Is it rewriteable? If it's not too much to ask, what functions do yours perform?

Thanks and sorry for the battery of questions, as you can see I'm excited about this. :blobcat:

@paladin1 @qwazix one unlock my mobile and shares my contact info, the other one I don't have a use for yet hah.

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