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Il semblerait qu'ayant migré d'instance, je doive faire une intro. Ne l'ayant jamais fait, c'est de toute façon l'occasion.
Je suis technophile et aime les trucs habituels : films, séries, musique, livres et jeux-vidéo. Ces derniers étant à la fois ma source principale d'occupation, mais aussi la raison pour laquelle je ne fait rien de productif pendant mon temps libre.

Et je suis habituellement très silencieux sur les rézos, je vais essayer de changer ça.

C'est tout !

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Well it seems that as I migrated, I have to do an introduction. Anyway I've never really done it, so it might be the occasion.
I'm a techy person who likes many usual things : movies, music, TV shows, reading and video games. For this last one, it is my main source of entertainment, but also my main source of doing absolutely nothing meaningfull with my free time.

Oh and I am usually just a lurker on social networks, I will try to change that here.

That's all for now !

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NEW VIDEO: POC Representation: Patterns & Pitfalls

sorry for delay on this one/general inactivity on here btw, been very unwell ^^;

pls comment on the yt if you wanna as it helps boost the algorithm ~

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Si ça vous embête pas, j'aurais vraiment besoin que vous partagiez ça.

Je suis sans domicile fixe actuellement et c'est fatiguant de devoir passer mon temps à crasher à droite à gauche

J'ai besoin que cette situation avance

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I'd almost say this love of Japanese game devs (who are all male of course) is exotification. The misogynistic and racist shit they get away with that western devs get called out for is a good telling of it. "Oh these games are QUIRKY! This bit with the sexual assault is OK because it's so FUNNY! The porn and sexual objectification of women is OK because it's OVER THE TOP!"
Yet if you hate these devs and point out their racism and misogyny "You're the real racist!" Because let's face it, the game devs we get from Japan ARE all male and misogynistic shits. ("GASP! How DARE you say an entire culture is misogynistic when your own is the same!" Because I can recognize it and rather just deal with the shit from here and not import more. Because you give Japan a free pass because they have "different cultural standards" as of we should respect sexist (and pedophilic) shit and excuse it and actively import it. Honestly it does a disservice to the women fighting against this this over there that you are silencing by saying it's A-OK and respectable. Nah you just want your [sexually objectified] [fetishised] goth "waifu" to [insert sexual kink here that I didn't want to know])

Like seriously, show me an active game dev from Japan that is a woman that we know BY NAME to where games are attributed to her alone that is a household name. I'm going to be over here waiting. (Probably until I die)
(It also seems recent when women seem to now have a chance to be the top name on something that people are all "It took a STUDIO to make this! We shouldn't just have one name on it!")

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Pétition lancée par Fierté Montpellier à propos de la condamnation par l'ordre des medecins de 2 medecins pour avoir accompagné décemment une personne trans majeur.

À signer et à partager massivement.

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I'm a mod, and I was part of the decision to defederate with elekk, monads, and myasstodon. this is an open message to users who are wondering what the heck is going on.

this decision was not made lightly. but if you're somewhat new to the fedi, or just have not been in the loop for whatever reason, I'm sure it does seem to have come out of nowhere. here's some backstory (spoiler: I will not name specific offenders).

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thank you @Mirima for the idea 😊
I'd be lying if I said i didn't spend a good 15 minutes trying to think of a wish... #spoiledsocksart
#CreativeToots had to repost again im not used to adding hashtags lmao

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Image without description 

I was in drawing mood tonight, so I used a template that @Mirima posted yesterday. Kinda satisfied about this self portrait, the lamp is jank tho.

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L'Assemblée Nationale lance une consultation sur le cannabis récréatif et sur ce qu'il faudrait faire par rapport à sa consommation, vous pouvez donner votre avis (anonyme) ici :
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NEW VIDEO: Obama Is An Incel

we got there eventually ^^; lmk what you think (p.s comments on actual video help a lot w algorithm ~)

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Hey !

Pour une fois qu'on peut un peu avancer pour nos droits, il y a une pétition au sénat pour la désolidarisation des revenus du conjoint si vous avez un AAH.

Pour votez cliquez sur le bouton france connect, vous pourrez ensuite vous connecter avec vos identifiants pour la CPAM (pas besoin de compte France Connect donc)

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Merci beaucoup pour le stream les piou, c’était grandiose, on a playback sur du disney et du abba.
On se retrouve lundi pour du roguelike, et prochain samedi 👀 peut être des cartes de tarot. (tant de projets à finir T.T )

Et.... Hey @Lorolla
Cadeau <3 Joyeux Noelween

Explosez se bouton RT !

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To my #LB last boost i'd like to add a follow advice.

Follow @shonalika ! And/or @powderpaint !

If not here, they also have a youtube channel:

I just watched this video about non-binarity, and as a fellow enby I can say it is really good:

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Si hundrix est si bien, pourquoi y'a pas hdeuxdrix ?

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The new European Citizens' Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income has been launched. It will be examined by the commission if one million citizens support it, so I invite you to sign it and share it:

#EuropeanCitizensInitiative #ECI #BasicIncome #UBI #FundamentalRights #EuropeanUnion #EU

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