What instances are people on cybre space moving to?

Fashion rant:

Sometimes I get really down on fashion as a capitalist hellhole. It asks you to judge people by it, but it's frequently just an expression of how much excess money that person has to spend on clothing. Like is that person more interesting than other people, or are they just wealthy or spend all their money on clothing?

It's interesting how it's mirrored in video games/metaverse where clothing is a super common target for micro-transactions. To me games show even more closely that fashion is used as a tool to equate wealth with character because you can either get cool clothing as a reward for experience, or by spending money and therefore appearing like you are experienced.

AAAND in both cases if you have the time and skill you can make your own cooler clothing by making it yourself (sewing irl and modding in games).

Is there a YouTube mirror/proxy site that’s good? I can’t open this shit to look for a video without being harassed into watching anything besides what I came for

I swear google barely works as a search engine anymore it just directs you to a handful of websites what’s even the point

@humphrey but seriously, I’ve gotten in so many spats with men focused on facts that either aren’t true or are distorted, and then we finally arrive at the conclusion that their feelings are hurt and they want to feel better. It turned out they were using “facts” to avoid their feelings.

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The fact of the matter is the facts don’t matter if facts don’t care about your feelings but your feelings will make you feel better

Does anyone have advice or know of opportunities for part-time (creative?) coding work?

I want more time to work on personal projects and music 🙈

Does anyone know about Urbit? I want to understand better what it does and if the same thing can be done or is already being done without blockchain (answer is probably yes lol). Like is it just a blockchain version of Gemini? Or is it not transfer protocol?

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CollapseOS is a bit silly IMO

I understand what the idea is. I don't understand the practical reason behind porting it to really old hardware. In most cases old hardware is not commonplace, it is either in museum or in the dump.

If supply chain collapses you won't be able to make Z80 in your garage. So what's the plan? Either you target the most common target today (idk what that is) or you plan to build non-IC chips by hand

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*slowly pushes an icon off your desktop*

Long rant about hrt I guess… 

I’ve been off of HRT for as long I was on it now >2 years - and of course now I’m thinking about going back on lol. I had a health problem that was definitely unrelated but it made me really worry about my mortality and not trust doctors. I had to work through my dysphoria in a new way to get through, and I have much less now - but now it’s a more quiet dysphoria where I hide myself and my body. Starting hrt was such a big decision idk how to make that decision again

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Any music making instances people know of? Would anyone be interested in one?


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