TIL that linktr.ee pages, which exist to serve a *list of links,* something websites in 1995 could do, does not load at all without JS enabled.

@huertanix ive never looked much into link tree but this doesnt suprise me at all honestly. just gives me corporate shitware vibes

@132ikl @huertanix i see musicians use it and i guess i see the appeal, they can stick a single linktree link on their social medias and it redirects to other places that may sometimes change like their current tour info, merch, other socials, but like why does this need js its just a list of links

@iitalics @huertanix linktree is definitely a good concept but you could literally make a linktree clone in like an hour with no javascript at all other than maybe the link creator

@huertanix Also insists as opening everything as a popup that your popup blocker will probably block unless you allow all popups from there which I won't.

Because of that, I've planned to make a Linktr.ee alternative with a Static Site generator like Jekyll or Jigsaw. But I just don't find the time for it at the moment ⊙﹏⊙

@darth_mall when i can remember, i'm making a "link tree" on one of my many domains that lists things in a column and looks decent :/

@stewped could go the brutalist route and use unstyled HTML. 😁

@darth_mall oh that would be amazing - maybe just do an old html table XD - under construction gifs...

@stewped probably not a table, that's bad for accessibility. But a <ul> would do the trick 😁

@stewped anyway, if you ever want a hand with your web stuff, give me a shout. I don't have tons of free time, but it'd be fun to work with you

@darth_mall it's been a LONG time since i messed with html & CSS... so i'd appreciate the help !

@huertanix unfortunately the html list and anchor elements alone won't quite get you north of a USD$1B valuation ... there's a hook in there somewhere


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