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For Signal mutuals, here's a PGP-signed copy of my safety number:

Hash: SHA256

My Signal safety number: 78631 32171 60777 35874 06441 85132


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Christmas music but it's Star Trek enjoy a cheery round of "Tuvok, the Vessel's Vulcan" my #trek pals

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Hell is editing Wikipedia markup, my volunteer duty today. Could they have not at least added some syntax highlighting so I can see where <refs> begin and end? :blobdisapproval:


Or light rail, ferry, whatever the preferred method of public transit it'd like to support. If it drives a Tesla into my body though, it's getting its tires slashed and batteries jacked.

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Got an antibodies test today and let me tell ya, if covid gets off the bus into David town, it best be ready for an ass-kicking.

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*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

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Please boost:

A screen reader for Linux (GUI) is being developed in Rust. If anyone knows Rust and would like to help, or to just view the great work taking shape here, see:

#a11y #accessibility #blind #screenreader #coding #rust

Update: Hungry Ghost in Brooklyn took down their “no laptops” sign for their previously empty big table and now it’s full of people on laptops. We won!

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The fish and chips place and the woo-woo crystal shop in Astoria, Oregon also played Depeche Mode, so I can only conclude all of Oregon has one mode, and it's Depeche Mode.

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Fediverse: Does anyone recall whether earlier Palm Pilots and other PalmOS devices from the late 90s/early 2000s had a screen unlock code feature? It's been so long since I've used one that I forgot if that feature even existed. :blobthinking:

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In Portland, even the doctor’s office waiting room plays Depeche Mode.

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The RX 580 video card I bought on a Cyber Monday sale in 2018 for $200 is going for $650 on eBay in 2021, apparently.

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Oh look another fleece dad folk duo playing in an outdoor food court and I forgot my headphones.

Whereas modern Brooklyn is both an spillover of Manhattan's hustle culture and a real estate terraforming project to make it the east coast's Portland, the situation is different: People work. A lot. Everywhere. Unless you're already rich, you kinda need to if you want to pay rent. So coffeeshop owners, wanting to enforce "more of a bar vibe" take Wi-Fi and working outlets off the menu (like literally flip the breaker switch to make them not work), ask customers on laptops to leave after an hour or relegate laptop usage to the least spacious corners of the shop, leaving large tables with "no laptops" signs empty while people huddle up against some shelf half the width of the devices precariously balanced on them. Brooklyn simultaneously asks people to not work so much because it kills the vibe but also asks the tenants in coffee shop territory to pay rent that requires them to work after-hours.

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An observation of coffee culture differences between Portland and Brooklyn: PDX doesn't have any rules/signage to enforce the vibes it wants, because it doesn't seem to have any violaters. People chill and chat and flirt over coffee, as intended. I'm the only nerd holding down the fort at Stumptown on my laptop and 5G modem trying to make a freelance deadline / procrastinating by tooting.

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Since Portland, unlike NYC or SF, is not requiring bars to check for vaccination status to drink indoors, I've put together a map of all the bars in PDX that have taken it upon themselves to require it (or a recent negative test in some case). You can check it out here: No Google Maps/Analytics/etc added.

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Finally, a true randomized, large-scale study showing that masks work to prevent symptomatic #COVID19 infections.

One community (178,000 people) in Bangladesh was provided free masks sent to their homes, encouraged to wear them, given messages about their effectiveness, with the message reinforced by local leaders. A similar community (163,000 people) was given none of these interventions. Mask wearing was increased 28.8% in the intervention group.

The results? The intervention group had 9.3% fewer covid-19 positive symptomatic cases (tracked by bloodwork) and a 11.9% reduction in symptoms.

One of the authors reminds us that the 10% reduction would likely be much higher if masking were universal, and not just increased by 28%. (The increase brought mask-wearing from 13% to 42%.)

We almost had masks sent to us in the USA, but the TFG's administration dropped the ball.
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