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Gonna need to get something more serious than an N95 if I'm going to have to expect delayed/extended flight times for the near future. A fresh N95 at the 18th hour mark wasn't as effective as I'd hoped, especially with the unmasked dudebro next to me on the SFO ✈️ JFK leg coughing everywhere while also rudely taking up armrest space and talking on the phone during fucking takeoff.

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tv streaming boxes are still terrible 

Roomie's Roku plays roulette odds when it comes to whether it decides to show captions/subtitles or not, which wasn't ideal for most things because the built-in speakers are useless but utterly useless when trying to watch something in a language you don't understand.

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Every article about the wildfires should end like this. Good on the BBC for getting there, wish it didn't take them so long

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I'm streaming on Twitch tomorrow (Saturday the 16th) at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST), continuing VA-11 HALL-A: CYBERPUNK BARTENDER ACTION starting with day 7 ( spoilers) va gur nsgrezngu bs gur Nyvpr_Enoovg yrnx naq rafhvat evbgf.

Watch at:

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We’re hiring a Data Engineer at The Markup on a part-time basis through December. Come work with me!

Cool, now one of my other clients' shitty hours accounting apps let two or so hours slip through the cracks. I'm done.

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Debating whether to just tell all my clients "this will end at the end of the year" or "I'm quadrupling my rate" just to see if anyone would stay onboard.

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No more freelancing is my 2023 resolution. Being your own ~*boss*~ just means being your own accountant most of the time.

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Excellently creepy ceramic art by Heidi Lau in the catacombs at green-wood cemetery

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Almost at the tech worker phase of not wanting to spend hours working on scheduling/re-scheduling meetings, quit and move upstate to start a distillery (farming sucks, never doing that phase).

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code rot, osint 

Been tasked for an excited freelance gig involving OSINT but of course all the tooling hasn't been maintained since 2017, the links to the docs are now squatted domains, and the python requirements/dependencies don't have versions attached so "latest" needs stuff that only works on python2 and stuff that only works on python3 at the same time. Hacker code is hacky, turns out! :blobfacepalm:

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Brooklynites! Remember to vote in the primaries today. If you're of a progressive bent, here are the Working Families Party and New Kings Democrats voting guides:

I can't emphasize this enough: READ THE NKD VOTER GUIDE AND VOTE FOR DISTRICT LEADERS WHO ARE NOT PARTY LEADERSHIP ANNOINTEES. We can't continue to have a party machine in the 21st century.

Reboost, etc.

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The Alexa/Google Home options are out of scope partially due to their less thought-out privacy policies but mostly because the sound quality on those is shit.

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Does anyone recommend something that is as good at audio as the Apple Homepod Mini but without the Apple part and is also small? Every non-Apple bluetooth/aux-in speaker I've tried so far sounds like a kazoo duct taped to a muffler above a modest volume.

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