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For Signal mutuals, here's a PGP-signed copy of my safety number:

Hash: SHA256

My Signal safety number: 78631 32171 60777 35874 06441 85132


tv streaming devices are a hot mess 

As much as the Apple TV has its dumb quirks, the NVIDIA Shield is quite possibly the jankiest, least thought out corner-cutting user experience to have ever been connected to a television. GeForce Now's streaming service is the only selling point and half the time it crashes a game upon losing a CDN connection if you can even log in without getting error messages *from its website viewed in your browser* saying you're offline... a message wrapped in JSON sent back to your browser via the internet. Is the only reliable option in the year of our lord 2021 *still* to have a dedicated full computer with Firefox hooked up to HDMI?

seattle adj 

Pandemic goal unlocked: Finished watching all of Frasier.

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"From 2015 to 2019, #Iceland ran the world's largest trial of a shorter working week. An analysis of the results was finally published this week, and surprise! Everyone was happier, healthier, and more productive. Please pretend to be surprised."

🇮🇸 :blobaww:

Portland is a small city of mostly people with small dreams and this is frustrating as someone from a place where ambition isn't a bad word.

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So I've updated my site and now I have my resume there (moving it off Glitch) at I'm looking for #RemoteWork mainly in application software development. Languages I'm comfortable with are #Python, #Rust and #Elixir. I know #Ruby as well but I'm definitely rusty (heh).

Feel free to boost for visibility.

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At my work (Freedom of the Press Foundation) we're still hiring for a Senior Security Engineer to join the @securedrop team.

This is a work-from-anywhere role that's great for folks who have worked in security-sensitive software engineering roles for 3+ years (with or without the SecEng title).

Non-profit & open source jobs can be few and far between. HMU if this looks of interest to you or you have questions about it :)

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the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn

Achievement unlocked: Biked through Portland in wind and rain.

@phooky I heard the same thing, but it looks like they’re back (at p limited capacity).

Line for the Portland Muji today would make Berghain blush.

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⚠️ LIVE SET tomorrow 05/29 ⚠️

» «

Full schedule below – all times in PDT!

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A tale of two IRC networks:

#Freenode: kicked us out of our channels, harassed one of our ops on their home page, made supposedly "draft" policy changes to permit hate speech

#LiberaChat: participated in *our* forum to address questions about governance and non-profit structure and asked for feedback on improvements: <>

Hmm 🤔

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666 days since we left NYC – as measured by the Time Since Launch.

Missing all of our friends in New York (come visit y'all) but otherwise this has been such a rewarding life change for us.

Anyway – 666 hail satan and so on!

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"Why it doesn't make sure there's enough space before starting, I don't know, but that's what it came down to."

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orpol, idpol, weed reference 

East Oregonians wanting to join "Greater Idaho" are gonna get a rude awakening when they have to start paying sales taxes and get the books thrown at them for owning any amount of weed whatsoever. Enjoy having no state funds for basically anything in your towns I guess. nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2021/05

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