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Episodes 1 and 2 of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER are out now!!

Welcome to the sleepy desert town of Sundown...

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say i have a big ego, say my head's big, say anything you want, but i feel like i won't truly qualify for hubris until a tragedy seemingly directed by the gods falls on my doorstep because of my own confidence

today i learned how to use an oxy-acetylene torch and i can literally feel my power increasing

2nd grade teachers: ok now we're gonna do our own little land run today!!!! everybody grab a flag and stake your claim!!!
me (2nd grader edition): haha yeah!!!!!
me (14 years later): wait what the fuck

the fucked up thing about education in oklahoma is how they spend entire months on the land run and how it was this huge thing to be proud of and not, y'know, actively horrifying

“Leaping lesbians, batman! The joker’s bought stock in Tesla!”


@lucidiot These Are Homestuck Troll Writing Quirks The Kids Love Em

the phrase "bear furry" is interesting because it may function as a noun ("check out that bear furry"), as an adjective ("the dude was hairy, like bear furry"), or as a sentence ("bear furry")

Got a fun surprise for $5+ patrons in the next few days...

teleport sound effect: ZZHWEOOOOMMMMMAAA
flourish sound effect: fffSHWING!!!!patapatapatapata

ok so doing sound effects for animations is actually a lot of fun

the level design for this game is, as they say, fucking bigboy

just had the first wizardgame playtest and it went off really well B)

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