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im importing everyone to @somatic so if you get a follow request thats me

i guess i wont have an alt anymore it'll be my main then


whats your name
who's your daddy
is he rich
is he rich like me?

i dont wanna read anymore today

i just wanna lay down and listen to muuuuuuusic

student loan debt shouldn't exist in the first place. no one should have to be paying out the ass for classes they took twenty years ago.

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studies have shown that studies have shown

Hey fediverse, I'm looking for a nice website (or even app) about bicycle repair, something like step-by-step instructions to follow on your phone for most common problems. YouTube videos are such a hassle for this :moji21:

Boosts most welcome :boosts_ok:

Heard someone call it digital black face which is apt

Asking money for electricity before having the power cut off and for oxygen for a disabled folk, boost appreciated ++ 

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to make a new post but we didn't reach the amount needed for the power bills. 50€ are missing.

I also have to order oxygen as I'm chronically ill and have breathing problems. I'd need 35€ to buy a pack of 3 bottles (instead of 15€ per bottle) to have enough until I get my disability benefits.

Please boost, thanks a lot ❤️

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