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asking for help 

I have nothing left for the week, money wise. Living alone and having nobody local to help, I'm really anxious. Any help is appreciated. ;-;

Charge rent from the moments that live in your head

food, dreams 

I had a dream where while my adventures were going on I had to stop at every store to find the sour cream and onion ruffle chips bc I really wanted them in the dream and when I woke up I’m like I need to go to the store but I was too lazy to go to the store so no sour cream and onion ruffle chips

Testoversary, PayPal link if you want to help with power bills, boost appreciated 

Don't feel obligated at all, but if you want to send me a gift as it's probably even more important than my birthday, I'd be really happy.

Power will be cut off in less than three weeks so if you want to help a trans disabled folk, you can donate here:

Thank you so much for any boost or donation, even a really small one! That would really help a lot.

Have a wonderful day 🖤

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Mental health etc 

I get that this is harsh cause in recent years public sentiment has very much shifted towards "wow celebrities have mental illnesses too! We should have empathy for them"


You could literally not catch me dead hoarding millions of dollars and NOT directly aiding anyone anywhere I possibly can. Jfc the least you could do is make sure a couple people are HOUSED

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it scares me how many self-identified computer people are completely unaware of ublock origin or refuse to use it

We should all take a lesson from comrade elephant. Monday is national rip your boss in half day.

I want to sew my own clothes because I'm fat, but being fat also seems to hinder access to useful resources. 

Because finding clothes of any sort is... Well, it feels impossible? Unless I want to waste money on buying clothes online. Since they never fit but are too much of a pain to return.

I wanted to start figuring out how to sew my own. And I feel like there's just not enough resources for fat people to learn how to design patterns for our bodies?

Like, I already can't wear straight sizes. And a lot of sewing patterns stop below my size. And I have no idea how to grade beyond that or to make something that accommodates a body that is not anywhere near a 'straight' size.

So I guess if you have resources for anything like this? Like, good ones. Not just the socially acceptable "curvy" (e.g., has boobs but is otherwise straight sized) but like actual fat body sizes. Would love it.

Your friendly Latinx enby got fired! 😕✌️

I'm fundraising to survive while I find work. This $$ will go to rent, food, gas, bills, and medicine. Every donation of any size is tremendously helpful rn :blobcatheart:

#donate #boost #mutualaid #survivalfund #transcrowdfund

Help a trans guy go to college! 

Hey everyone! I’m starting school soon, and am trying to raise $700 in preparation for it, for my starter kit as well as transportation and food for my first month there!

My commissions are open, potentially for the last time as once I start school I may make a lot of changes about how I navigate the internet.

Donations welcome!
Shares mean the world, anything helps at all!

Venmo: itssailor

Cashapp; $itssailor

this black trans woman's fundraiser still hasn't been met please share/donate if you can!!:

Hi, i am Reina a 30 years old black trans women, early last year i fall down when i was trying to escape a dangerous situation. It caused an avulsion fracture in my thumb.

Update: I got a surgery but i wasn't totally successful so i need physiotherapy to recover mobility before it's too late and may become chronically or have to get a second surgery


so this is the worst thing i’ve read on wikipedia in a while

⚠️ Job search, please boost! (redraft) 

Still looking for a job over here! I've got a comp sci degree and about a year and a half work experience as an automated software test engineer. Based in MN. Please let me know if you have openings, can send a referral, etc. Full remote would be preferred!

If you want more info you can visit my site
If you need a resume please DM and I'll send one over promptly

Thank y'all so much, even just boosting helps a lot! 🖤 #GetFediHired

I can't stress enough how important it is to let yourself indulge in funny little silly things without shame or guilt. I'm anti guilty pleasure. I have nothing to feel guilty about if putting colorful sprinkles on my food makes me happy and encourages me to eat. And I don't mean once in a while. My life is more valuable than needing to "earn" whimsy and silliness versus freely giving myself what makes me happy🤷‍♀️

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