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My silly boy has allowed his eyes to grow arrogant and rude, for this I will take him on a trip to punish land.

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i think i already said this but come follow my alt @somatic i post there more often than here bc here i do it for the face of it im more calm there honestly tbh

Registering myself as a corporation and not paying my medical bills because β€œIt’s not in the interest of our shareholders”

im the type of guy who needs items at the store so they go to the store and buy them and then walk home

I was today years old when I found out that the warehouse in mens wearhouse is wearhouse not warehouse

What if you had a son name Ar

Would that be your ArSon

buy sexual? no, i don't think you could afford it 😼

this old queer doesn't have any time &/or energy to waste on corporate pride


in fact, "cities without personal cars" means we can have
- wider and safer roads for pedestrians, including both those who walk, use mobility aids and those who use a wheelchair
- roads that still exist for emergency vehicles (ambulances etc), small personal motor vehicles for people who cant/dont walk (not cars because those are fucking huge and very much overkill)
- public transport
- smaller distances between things so you can walk less

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I didn't know you could tape these "no postage necessary" flyers [envelopes] to boxes. This is a game changer.

Every city has the worst drivers and the biggest rats and the greyest sky and they're all the best city in the world

cursed pregnancy thought, probs body horror 

What if pregnant people had their babies be able to move around inside their body like anywhere

Like imagine a pregnant person doing a hula hoop sway motion and their pregnant belly with the fetus just sways around their torso

Like the whole torso. Belly to side to back to side to belly. Full rotation

This is cursed isn’t it

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