@Aleums get the dimensions of the header region > make new canvas in whatever editor you use of that size > add your logo > export > magic ?

@minx congratulations on your new toy, then!!!! laser away hahaha

@minx now i’m excited because i honestly didn’t realise colour lasers were a thing

@minx the urge will go away when it sinks in how expensive ink is 🤯

@georgespolitzer no no oh god no i dated a magician once don't make me go back there

@erik@post.lurk.org woaah - how does invidious work?

i've stumbled upon a goldmine of ancient screenshots and honestly, i forgot 2012 looked like this

@seb_ly spending time in germany for the first time in 2yrs this week has been eye opening for how far things have gone just in that short time tbh

@seb_ly also this conversation is SUCH A WASTE OF TIME

@seb_ly oh that is stupid

my brain kind of has that weird british combo of imperial and metric in it but like?!? why change that, who does it help

shops should be standard, most people understand metric better when it comes to weights and measures of foodstuff

what’s wrong with how things are now lol

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