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does your average program have a gender variable along with their main() is that how this works

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brought to you by my new header image: what would it even mean for a program to be transgender (in the Tron universe)

Gosh I wonder who this "Chanda N." writing about firewalls and referring to the more comprehensive work on the topic by "Jaya V.F." could be.

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some things i’ve done in open sorcery: sea++ (aka why you should play it) 

- gave the Sphinx a dream of napping in a sunbeam
- forensically solved a murder in the fae realm without becoming indebted to anyone
- had tea with a somewhat large spider (probably not advisable for arachnophobes)
- directed the Roanoke settlers to a new location, run by an actual angel (with their express demand that their new home “have permission from any that live there”)
- convinced a troll to become a pescetarian

vintage disney, shitpost, except not really, trans feels 

Pictured: a goth bisexual trans woman with shapeshifting and sizeplay kinks who actively fights against the patriarchic monarchy of England and those who would enable it

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vintage disney, shitpost, except not really, trans feels 

Disney's "The Sword in the Stone" (1963) contains the antagonist Madam Mim. A self-deprecating "ugly old creep", Mim nevertheless appears for less than the length of a verse in her own song as "beautiful, lovely, and fair", a form in which the NSFW Internet adores and loves her, while her true appearance goes almost unrepresented in the same. This reflects the duality of image many trans femmes, especially sex workers, are subjected to by others and occasionally themselves in order to survive and/or battle dysphoria. In this essay I will

It’s a Wonderful Life is my second favorite Christmas movie.

doing achievement programming for a friend’s video game so i can get some genuine experience with unity, and taking the opportunity to design ethical achievements. well mostly. there is at least one silly easy one so i could make a reference with its name

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please don’t @ me about github’s shittiness i am aware that just happens to be where the project is and i can’t make it move right now

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after literally a decade i made my first github commit

@DialMforMara Etymology question, for a tech circle I'm in; is there a known etymology for "master copy"?

i been caught Posting
once, when i was five
i enjoy Posting
it's just as simple as that


really counting on everyone in georgia to push the senate through next month btw

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