@Fuefos_ the eternal quandary when trying to put serious effort into both privacy and open-source efforts :(

MtG, complaint 

@WizardOfDocs guess this means i can hang up my unfinished Phyrexia Invades Kamigawa set…

i hate this mod so much but it has given me clarity because nowhere else do you get to see people making the EXACT same game with “modern” music and level design so that it’s obvious just how much those things suck

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amazing that even gendo finally got understood by the narrative

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evangelion 3.0+1.0 is the proper conclusion to the franchise

hell of a ride

@skyplayer money’s a game design shortcut for sure, but it also can exist in a more barter-like context and i think cutting it out entirely swerves too far into individualist Video Game Ethics as have existed in OD&D and all its heirs. it just has to be done conscientiously; a player being able to trivially amass infinite money is even more hyperindividualist than having none at all, but exchange is as much a critical part of mutual aid as of markets.

@skyplayer Not sure we could or should though. Would something even remotely resembling Fallout need to exist in a reality where we weren’t so alienated from history, labor, and political action?

@skyplayer Tetris, “the Soviet Game,” persists as everything else sloughs away to fads or time, interestingly. Outside of that the material conditions of video games have never been anything but capitalist, whether more or less statist and globalist.

However I wonder sometimes if we could indeed salvage Games As They Are if we could at least undo the damage to historicity wrought by late capitalism. For instance there is an unending stream of Western devs “fixing” VNs and JRPGs when their work betrays from the first their ignorance of entire decades of the genres, much less the functions and intents thereof. What might the world be like if our corporate and statist overlords weren’t constantly invested in convincing us that Fukuyama was right? … Bleh.

@skyplayer It is absolutely the last one and a symptom of late capitalism. And yes, video games are inextricably tied to that; we’ve almost never been able to see them develop outside of deregulated Reaganist capitalism, as the hobby didn’t become a global pastime until the 80s.

it’s nice that this brought some people around to anarchism but its conception of anarchism is still firmly rooted in american libertarianism

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finally getting around to being a New Vegas trans

chris avellone’s individualist writing did not change in the 10 years between planescape torment and this, i see

@junebug wow this is A Lot and i’m interested but i hardly know when i’ll actually have the spoons for a four hour movie lol

i wish whoever decided to migrate the MTG wiki *TO* fandom.com a very fuck off forever

@junebug mostly this is to say yeah i’d love a new server to hang out on that doesn’t have terfy pro-White players, lol

@junebug better than hanging out on either of the extant official ones for sure

or certain private ones i’ve had the misfortune to be an ex-member of

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