Mastodon (and Twitter) are fundamentally opposed to what I want from a communications network, for the sole reason that my very existence is publicly discoverable. This is a problem email does not have — just because you didn’t get a bounce notification does not mean the address you tried to spam actually exists, depending on server configuration.

Is there a single way to move money online that does not require an iPhone and yet only at worst puts fees in the pocket of a centrist lib brain CEO instead of an active reactionary

@junebug Open Sorcery Sea++ and Priority Realignment (sincere)

@junebug i think i have higher standards for cis men so my taste is ironically better on the average

leaving entirely to one side the issue of relative percentage shares that results

@junebug a most excellent set. if i get a few bucks for it i want to see about getting some LED bricks for mine tbh

@junebug dunno if it’s really an action film but Tron is my pet cause here. i mean it’s barely subtext that kevin flynn is bi to begin with

i also want (in the not films department) to do this to duke nukem except also trans as fuck

@junebug i keep looking at Roanyer partial bodysuits and dreaming tbh >>; the eternal quandary when trying to put serious effort into both privacy and open-source efforts :(

MtG, complaint 

@WizardOfDocs guess this means i can hang up my unfinished Phyrexia Invades Kamigawa set…

@skyplayer money’s a game design shortcut for sure, but it also can exist in a more barter-like context and i think cutting it out entirely swerves too far into individualist Video Game Ethics as have existed in OD&D and all its heirs. it just has to be done conscientiously; a player being able to trivially amass infinite money is even more hyperindividualist than having none at all, but exchange is as much a critical part of mutual aid as of markets.

@skyplayer Not sure we could or should though. Would something even remotely resembling Fallout need to exist in a reality where we weren’t so alienated from history, labor, and political action?

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