hey folks came by to say i contributed code to a couple bideo games lately, and one of them just came out, designed by my pal @keithburgun@birdsite. it’s called Gem Wizards Tactics and you are one of several more-or-less cute factions battling for... well, okay, the plot isn’t really in yet. it will be eventually, but right now it’s a very deep Advance Wars-style strategy game with cute units and lots of reactive terrain. try it out store.steampowered.com/app/136

does anyone know why the SWOP Seattle website has been down for months

so yeah i finally posted a piece of original fiction publicly. yeah it’s self indulgent smut but I DON’T CARE. it’s 2021 and i can post what i like with reasonable content tags. here it is (nsfw) archiveofourown.org/works/2910

@junebug that’s... okay you got my attention, where the heck is this thing

does your average program have a gender variable along with their main() is that how this works

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brought to you by my new header image: what would it even mean for a program to be transgender (in the Tron universe)

Gosh I wonder who this "Chanda N." writing about firewalls and referring to the more comprehensive work on the topic by "Jaya V.F." could be.

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some things i’ve done in open sorcery: sea++ (aka why you should play it) 

@WizardOfDocs i tend to go for “menace”, possibly because unexamined vocal dysphoria. one idea i’ve kicked around for years is an EBM version of The Times They Are A-Changin’ though I can see how it might be read badly with the problems industrial has always had flirting with fascist imagery. also i like burning things, so The Doors’ “Five to One” and Arthur Brown’s “Fire” are on the list. basically reclaiming the good parts of the boomer music i was raised on

vintage disney, shitpost, except not really, trans feels 

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vintage disney, shitpost, except not really, trans feels 

It’s a Wonderful Life is my second favorite Christmas movie.

@junebug corollary: if there is no Guy, it is not necessary to invent Him

doing achievement programming for a friend’s video game so i can get some genuine experience with unity, and taking the opportunity to design ethical achievements. well mostly. there is at least one silly easy one so i could make a reference with its name

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