out of town for a week visiting polycule in undisclosed location

… i have kind of needed a vacation for three years now

Impromptu take (aka hypothesis): the reason game design has suddenly leapt forward and become a discipline in the last 40 years is exactly *because* of deregulated capitalism. a bunch of systems-oriented people who are really good at figuring out how to do economic incentives for particular goals got locked out of putting that skill to the use of bettering the world in the West and turned it into a creative and academic outlet instead. QA leads could be fixing the tax code, system designers could be reinforcing the FDA, but politics in the US got captured from the top down.

“but Doll why is gaming so full of shitty white men then”
because management is similar to policymaking in this regard

@skyplayer sadly lockdown killed several.

i have asked around and the recs i got from my local contacts were Crescent Lounge, Neighbors ("if it gets up and running again"), and Pony as big-tent bars

@skyplayer @junebug come to Lake City we… haven’t been gentrified yet? not really any hot spots out here

the internet's just an even worse shitshow than usual today huh

i have the resilience of a cockroach but the gumption of a domesticated fish

@WizardOfDocs this sounds excessively like the sort of thing i would need to know people who are already using to make use of

@skyplayer fuck they don’t have AC in the building? yeah skip it

@QuestForTori i don’t really see it improving unless apple loosens up on notarization

@junebug as listed in my bio “Call Center Bitch” feels much more indicative of what i do and how i feel on an average day because i simply don’t have the mental, emotional, or medical resources to own any distinct concept of transness with which i’m familiar

@junebug to the extent that anything is part of my identity — ADHD, bideo game enthusiast, introvert — it is performative and informed by sets of behaviors other people delineate as part of those traits

in fact, it often feels like “being trans” is the most tenuous one for me, as i do not feel like i have a particularly outsider viewpoint, and my Gender Feels mostly grew out of kink

Can’t believe I’m 30 and don’t have any sonas or OCs, smdh. I accept my fate after the revolution

@junebug hjudksfsdf i can't believe they went for it (i can totally believe they went for it)

@junebug @jordyn admittedly it’s funny every time i vote a dividend to the shareholders, which includes <checks notes> several known anarchists, and the union, and all of them act grumpy about getting paid

@skyplayer Hi! Been there, would not go again. Dosage too high maybe?

It’s very telling the thing I get told I need to improve the most is “you forgot to mark this time billable/not billable”. Like yeah I don’t care the problem needed to be fixed anyway?

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