fallen london accomplishment 

so shall they never die

vintage disney, shitpost, except not really, trans feels 

Pictured: a goth bisexual trans woman with shapeshifting and sizeplay kinks who actively fights against the patriarchic monarchy of England and those who would enable it

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nsfw art (just nudity) 

a friend drew me a cyberfae sona!! aaa! i'm so excited! here i am!

Fallen London achievement 

At last, the wedding is funded. A venue must be chosen.

Started working on a Doom level. This is not finished, I just wanted to show progress. I think I managed some nice illusionary stacked-room space though.

Alright who wants to come over and play some ridiculously difficult Rock Band

Another device for the collection. Already gone through the jailbreaking procedure... now, what do i put on it? (Please bear in mind that my Japanese is currently limited to roughly 「アメリカ人です。」)

selfie, eye contact, knife, kinda menacing look 

I’m really proud of this selfie but next time I wanna do it with makeup and hair extensions too.

eye contact, fake blood 

I bought myself an outfit for my birthday.


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