out of town for a week visiting polycule in undisclosed location

… i have kind of needed a vacation for three years now

Impromptu take (aka hypothesis): the reason game design has suddenly leapt forward and become a discipline in the last 40 years is exactly *because* of deregulated capitalism. a bunch of systems-oriented people who are really good at figuring out how to do economic incentives for particular goals got locked out of putting that skill to the use of bettering the world in the West and turned it into a creative and academic outlet instead. QA leads could be fixing the tax code, system designers could be reinforcing the FDA, but politics in the US got captured from the top down.

“but Doll why is gaming so full of shitty white men then”
because management is similar to policymaking in this regard

the internet's just an even worse shitshow than usual today huh

i have the resilience of a cockroach but the gumption of a domesticated fish

Can’t believe I’m 30 and don’t have any sonas or OCs, smdh. I accept my fate after the revolution

It’s very telling the thing I get told I need to improve the most is “you forgot to mark this time billable/not billable”. Like yeah I don’t care the problem needed to be fixed anyway?

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The reason my job sucks so goddamn much is because I’m supposed to help people fix problems, but I do not often have the resources at my disposal to ensure problems get fixed and instead have to get hung up on things like “contract does not cover hardware” or “billable hours”.

Okay, I’ve gotten into Fallen London, Homestuck, and Umineko. What am I supposed to do next? Is it too late to add blaseball?

prisoners: hijack a prison bus while being evacuated, resulting in it crashing and exploding, causing godzilla to notice and turn back towards Japan

me: see this is why we need prison abolition

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godzilla raids again contains the line “we’ve spotted a Godzilla-like object” and I’m going to be thinking about that for a while

even if it’s probably just the subtitler being overly literal

i've been playing this game since 2011 but i finally got the thing

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fallen london accomplishment 

so shall they never die

i do kinda wish masto had an option for “i would like to see this person’s public posts in my feed but i wish to also respect that we have no social dynamic and i should not be able to see their followers only posts”

so nier is good

what no of course not replicant v1.22etc. i’m playing the 11 years old version because i’m a goddamn culture necromancer

the work i do helping build communities online and dragging them leftward is unquestionably more valuable than anything I do at my actual job

hey folks came by to say i contributed code to a couple bideo games lately, and one of them just came out, designed by my pal @keithburgun@birdsite. it’s called Gem Wizards Tactics and you are one of several more-or-less cute factions battling for... well, okay, the plot isn’t really in yet. it will be eventually, but right now it’s a very deep Advance Wars-style strategy game with cute units and lots of reactive terrain. try it out store.steampowered.com/app/136

does anyone know why the SWOP Seattle website has been down for months

so yeah i finally posted a piece of original fiction publicly. yeah it’s self indulgent smut but I DON’T CARE. it’s 2021 and i can post what i like with reasonable content tags. here it is (nsfw) archiveofourown.org/works/2910

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