@aparrish wait there's an international computer creativity conference???

I'm at a museum and they have an entire section of their exhibition on stuff from their catalog where they made mistakes, either stuff which was modified to "better represent" the culture or which they forgot what it was or stored in a cabinet for 100 years. I respect it

@cinebox it's nothing to do with quadrants! In a nutshell, if you study the types of numbers you can construct with +-*/ and nth roots, there's a connection to a certain mathematical "group". If you can solve a polynomial with +-*/ and nth roots, that translates to a certain group being "solvable", meaning having some smaller groups inside it. Then you can prove there are some groups which 1. Some quintic polynomials can be translated into, and 2. Aren't solvable.

The name of the type of math which the proof is using is "Galois theory".

@65dBnoise likewise, thanks for having a civil discussion!

@65dBnoise I'm not really sure what the alternative is. do you think NASA should only use unprocessed raw images on its websites for the general public?

The artistic liberties might be distracting for you, an ultra space nerd, but you're not the target audience here. I think for a header image on a page most people will scroll by, for the general public, most of whom don't even know what earthshine is, it's perfectly fine.

@65dBnoise I think you're taking this a bit too seriously? Of course it's impossibly well lit, otherwise you couldn't see the surface and know it was mars. It's art meant to symbolize, not technical drawings meant to be 100% realistic. Otherwise Mars would be a tiny dot next to the moon.

How's everyone doing today? Wrong answers only

thinking about zoltan dienes and how he insists having a core mechanic isn't enough to make a game fun unless there are good rules to win or lose to force you to engage with it

@tindall what kind of things can you do with just those? is there a good super simple summary of shenanigans?

anyway soon its going to be time to reveal my cool stuff to the world

me: im so nervous about posting my stuff to reddit and showing it to the world
me: (agonizes for 24 hours)
me: 😓
me: posts
reddit: we've removed your post because your account is too new


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