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you ever fuck up your glam but wind up with something amazing

now that xiv 4.5 has dropped it's time to get back to leveling and doing roulettes and stuff

(it'd probably be easier to just stream the audio from my laptop to the pi, but then i'd have to deal with connection jank, and i don't want to not have a local copy of my music)

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honestly part of the reason i decided i wanted to try using mpd was so i could use the same music player both when playing on my laptop and when playing from my rpi

it's pretty neat

Big Mecha Furry Boy standing high in the sky 

for Underscore!

I'll just paint in some clouds here, and here, and there, and over there, maybe add a little here and

#furry #mecha #mastoart

on the other hand i could also just dump it on one of my linodes for $0/month extra, but then i don't get fancy incrementals and stuff

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i wonder if i should set up tarsnap to backup my mp3s and a couple other important things; i think it'd work out to be something like $2-$3/month

i almost forgot the name i wanted to give to my warframe operator but i found it by searching in my clan discord

(Exa, named after the Ra character, because i always thought that was a ridiculously cool name)

nothing has given me more awareness of That's Not How Breasts Work in art than growing a pair

about once a month i start thinking about Hot Food For Mother

for the record, there aren't supposed to be any spaces in the song title, it should look like this. i think it's my terminal wrapper library getting confused by doublewide characters

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time to see if pubs can do orbonne monastery yet

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