sporadic reminder that i'm on sakura-rage.net at @hierarchon

i'm still keeping this account around for a backup though

irregular reminder that i'm self-hosting on sakura-rage.net; follow @hierarchon for that Good Ash Content

i'm going to keep this account around as a backup, mostly

also i just realized i still had the crossposter hooked up to my old account, oops

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@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace or, maybe even better:

"Tell Me About My Slutty Vixen Fursona!"

would it be faster to just write the scraper? yes.

but it wouldn't be as *fun*.

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actually hmm i could just scrape from emojos.in/cybre.space and use an html parser to rename the PNGs appropriately :thinknyan:

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anyone know where i could get some good high-resolution blob/blobcat emojo SVGs? asking for a robot friend who's me

@galaxgal@dev.glitch.social also so we can finally have a tall female/short male racial dynamic

@eightbitsamurai photoshop where mickey mouse's eyes extend all the way to his 'eyebrows' and sonic's don't

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