you ever fuck up your glam but wind up with something amazing

for the record, there aren't supposed to be any spaces in the song title, it should look like this. i think it's my terminal wrapper library getting confused by doublewide characters

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ah, i'm definitely looking forward to tracking this bug down

amara’s playing neptunia and i feel kinda called out by this character

got tired of lying so i made a thing

though i can't publish it on the chrome web store without paying google 5 and, you know, fuck that

i got an rpi as a late christmas gift and i've been corrupted into trying.... *alternative* operating systems

i was watching amara play Prey and there was a bit with a very computer-y error message and I was like "... is that Rust?"

turns out that yes, it is

cashier asked me if my shirt was referencing witches, i told him i just liked the symbol cause i didn’t feel like having a conversation

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